The Earth and Environmental Sciences Department provides amazing opportunities for students in environmental science, geology, and geography. The department hosts the Earth, Energy and Environmental Sciences Bachelor’s and Associate’s programs, with emphases available in Geosciences and in Environmental Sciences. Certificates are also offered in Sustainability and in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Geospatial Technology. Whether you wish to conduct field-research in Zion National Park, study different places, countries, and regions of the world, survey the atmosphere and related phenomenon, or learn about climates, landforms, soils, water, plants, animals, and more. The coursework and research experiences in the department provide opportunities to gain an understanding of the natural world around us, learn about how the application of the scientific method can help us address problems facing our planet, and explore the geography, cultural history, literature, and biodiversity of different regions around the world.

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Research and Internship Opportunities

Research is one of the most impactful methods for students to learn theory and practices of the earth and environmental sciences, and to apply knowledge to solving complex problems. Our faculty engage all students in the Earth and Environmental Sciences programs in research projects, or connect students with local groups and organizations for internship and research experiences. Students have opportunities to share their research with the professional and academic worlds through conferences such as the annual DSU Research Symposium and occasionally at national and international.

Active and Applied Learning

In addition to lectures, the programs within our department provide over 300 hours of laboratory experience, with opportunities for hands-on use of modern and advanced instrumentation used across the industry. The department also offers a number of field courses that spend several days in the field, including the regional National Parks and internationally in study abroad courses.


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Marius van der Merwe

Department Chair, Earth and Environmental Sciences

Email: marius@dixie.edu

Phone: 435-652-7924

Rose Hill

Advisor, Earth Energy and Environmental Sciences

Email: rose.hill@dixie.edu

Phone: (435) 879-4698

Terry Harrison

Administrative Assistant

Email: terry.harrison@dixie.edu

Phone: (435) 652-7851